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"Art and charity" Yu Changhai calligraphy works donation ceremony was held in Beijing

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On August 21, Yu Changhai, a famous calligrapher, donated his painstaking and emotional long-volume calligraphy work Preface to the China Charity Federation in Beijing to support the development of charity. Bian Zhiwei, Secretary-General of China Charity Federation, Gao Shouhua, Deputy Secretary-General of China Charity Federation, Du Yun, Director of the People's Health Benefit Foundation of China Charity Federation, and Shi Chang’en, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of the Central Government Calligraphy and Painting Association attended the donation ceremony. Speaking at the donation ceremony, Yu Changhai said that the spirit of the traditional Chinese calligraphy and art nurtured and supported me. The charitable deeds of the Chinese Charity Association to help the poor and benefit the people’s livelihood over the years moved me infinitely. Today, I donate this long volume “Orchid Pavilion Preface” to China Charity Federation, expressing my gratitude for charity, in order to call on more artists to participate in charity peers, promote “art to contribute to the people”, support the development of charity, and make our contribution to building a happy and well-off society!

Donation Account

Account Name:
China Charity Federation
Bank Name:Bank of China
Bank Address:
Head Office(No.1 Fu Xing Men Nei Street, Beijing, China)
Account Number: 778350015925 Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ